I am generally asked by my clients what a criminal conviction in a DWI or different misdemeanor means to their long term job prospects within New York State. I’m proudly a native New Yorker, Queens born, Long Island raised,and also a graduate of the University of Hard Knocks. Although, I now take pleasure in the practice of criminal defense law in beautiful and picturesque Long Island, NY.

The more I observe this legal whimsy inherent within the New York laws and regulations I both chuckle and cry. My own comments center on how previous criminal convictions can affect the application for a professional license within New York State.

A new Barber’s license, Boxer’s license, as well as Check Cashier license are discretionary inside Ny. For a Boxer or Wrestler or Check Cashier making application for a New York license, that indicates they may be refused a license (or permission) to box or wrestle or cash checks professionally in the event the applicant has been convicted of a crime or perhaps is consorting with anyone convicted of a crime. Your friends may well cost you a license, in addition to the scorn and ridicule of your respective colleagues!


For all those holding a Barber’s license, any crime or offense concerning moral turpitude or for habitual substance abuse could induce a suspension or revocation of the license. I suppose that is because of the risk of a terrible haircut.

Bingo Operators tend to be barred from receiving a NYS license for the conviction for just about any crime under Executive Law section 435 (2)(c)(l).

Licensed Electricians can have their capability to earn a living suspended or revoked when convicted of a crime under New York City Admin Code section 27-3016 (1)(vii), but Licensed Plumbers encounter no like restriction. Sanitation Workers might be disciplined or even terminated for conviction of virtually any legal offense, conduct injurious to public peace or welfare, or immoral practice under NYC Admin Code section 16-106. In New York State any unlawful possession of marijuana (UPM) is recognized as a violation (and not a crime), so theoretically speaking you could lose your job as a garbage man just for having a joint even though it is not a crime to possess it. Apparently, New York State wants to make sure that a garbage man is a straight arrow!

Which brings me to the good news, for the various professional jobs where a criminal misdemeanor conviction pose NO automatic restrictions to obtaining a New York State license:

Nevertheless, the nature of the conviction could, and will, have an effect. Also, a conviction for just about any felony could have very serious implications.

The objective of every representation I take on is to reduce the effect that being charged with a crime might have on the particular person either now or in the future. You have my word on it.

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