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Controlling the mind has become more complex and newer technologies have evolved to find the best possible method. Experts of mind study, point out to the fact that though there are various techniques that help to control the mind, it is crucial to first get a thorough knowledge of the actual functioning of the mind to get the best and effective results.

Mind control involves reprogramming the mind to set it tune with the positive things around and one such technique that is practiced more commonly is hypnosis. To understand whether it is better than other techniques, one must get to know the way it functions. Hypnosis, basically involves getting into the subconscious mind and trying to find the thoughts within but it does not attempt to focus on the sciences of human brain and offer solutions to reverse the defects.

But brain wave entrainment is the mind control technique that gives a holistic approach and it is also able to pick up impulses of the brain wave and set them according to the requirements. In effect, it offers a scientific approach to the way the brain functions and can also be altered, according to the results that we desire. For instance, the brain waves are categorized into alpha beta and theta waves and each one has its own effect.


When a person wants to control his mind and increase focusing on a particular thing or wants to enhance the retention power, alpha rays are attuned to the sound waves through brain wave entrainment. Similarly, the spiritual thoughts can be induced through theta waves and so on. Thus, brain wave is flexible and far more superior to hypnosis.

Further more, it is also possible to measure the outcome of mind control technique in brain wave entrainment which is otherwise impossible through hypnotic mind control. The biggest and most obvious difference between hypnosis and brainwave technology is that hypnosis uses an external force to invade the brainwave which is not so in brain wave technology. This is very significant because hypnosis may not be advisable for those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or having seizures or epilepsy and certainly not recommended for kids and adolescents.

Further, hypnosis is basically a procedure that attempts to get into the brain wave and make changes in the brain wave patterns through forcible means. This is done to influence the pattern structure and through repeated sound patterns try to revealing the brain waves. This can be achieved only if the concerned person is in the alpha or alpha theta stage where the mind is alert but gives no mental processing.

Hence, hypnosis has to access this stage to be effective. Hypnosis cannot duplicate the process and only option open before is, to attempt to invade and manipulate the brainwave activity’s natural process. But brain wave technology makes no such attempts and merely influences the brain, more naturally. Hence hypnosis has become a thing of the past which is now taken over by brain wave technology.

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