byAlma Abell

Throughout human history, hair has been at the forefront of culture. Whether its topic is on style or health, hair is far more than meaningless strands. In the scientific realm, the study of hair has revealed surprising facts. For example, redheads are more sensitive to pain than their brown haired counterparts, while blonds have a higher predisposition to dyslexic disorders. However, the primary concern of many revolves around the beauty of their hair, not its hidden health implications.

The professionals at Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit offers a myriad of health care treatments. While these professionals are adept at styling, true hair beauty is determined on how it’s treated. Although the importance of salon hair treatments is well-known, when these treatments must be done is more of a mystery.

As a general rule of thumb, those who color their hair should receive specialized treatments. For example, the Goldwell Vivecap treatment is designed to secure color to hair follicles. This treatment prolongs the vibrancy of newly colored hair. Because of the ease of treatment, it’s often one of the most affordable options. However, hair care must delve deeper than simply protecting color and sheen.

Hair is a combination of various proteins. Therefore, to keep hair healthy, strong and vibrant, treatments must promote protein development. The Nanomax hair treatment directly influences hair protein strength. This advanced-level treatment infuses protein with hair follicles. Treatments are applied through a soft mist created via a specialized brush. This treatment consists of two elements: conditioning and protein-infused vapor. In all, the treatment takes less than 60 minutes and its infusion lasts four to five weeks.

Perhaps the most well-known hair treatment to increase hair health is keratin treatments. Women and men with frizzy hair can achieve smooth strands after a single treatment. Keratin is the protein that’s found in hair. By topically applying keratin, hair follicles are immediately altered. Curly hair is straightened and frizzy hair is significantly smoothed out. This treatment is popular during humid summer months. After application, moist air will not increase frizziness; a major issue for many women and men. Learn more about the aforementioned, and others, visit this website for Summit Salon in Lee’s Summit.