Advantages of Using Association Management Software


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Associations can now find convenient support from innovative and user-friendly association management software developed by

Rentec Direct


Rentec for Association is designed for use by associations of property owners. Through

RentecDirect s

association management software, associations can efficiently manage their wide expanse of properties even with numerous tenants renting. For that, these new innovation in the property management industry has attracted lots of attention and is now fast becoming the popular choice as association management software.

One of the areas where



association management software has the edge over other software is its time-saving characteristics. Associations can save time when using it because everything that property owners need to do can be done with just few clicks on the association management software.

They can:

    • Easily access their accounts to make payments or view their payments and set their email preferences. • Keep simple and accurate record of properties • Publish vacancies online• Track Income and expenses using easy-to-understand general accounting system • Screen tenants using Rentec Direct s tenant screening tools


association management software

, they would have all these things manually which usually takes a great time to accomplish.

Secure access is another advantage that Rentec for Associations offers to associations. They can save and retrieve their files such as by-laws, minutes of meeting, rules and other agreements without having the trouble of being stolen or hacked since the association management software provides data encryption every time they access it.

Association management software also allows associations to be informed and keep track of the condition of their properties. In this regard, Rentec for Associations can allow tenants to notify their landlords about needed repairs in their properties so that they can right away place work orders for the repairs.

Time-saving, secure access, easy-to-use and smooth communications, these are just few of what association management software has to offer.

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