Many people have heard stories about people finding black gold or oil on their property. They have also heard stories about people discovering gold during the Gold Rush. These people were lucky enough to discover the natural treasures of the earth. If you own soil rich with natural resources, you have legal rights that give you certain freedoms. Know more about the basic details that involve Ohio mineral rights.

What Are Mineral Rights?


These rights are given to property owners or non-property owners who want to sell the use of land for its natural resources. In return, they receive payments. The mineral owners are allowed to do anything they want with the organic and inorganic materials found in the land.

Mineral Leases

Mineral owners have been creating leases with powerful companies for years. If a person or company wants to rent your minerals, you can set up a lease with them. Both parties must agree to the terms and costs outlined in the lease. These details include how the lessee is required to explore the land and produce the minerals. As the mineral owner, you receive an upfront payment along with royalties for the production.

The lessee has to explore the land within a certain period of time, known as the primary term. If nothing is drilled and extracted from the land, he has to pay a delay rental fee to the owner. Both parties can extend the length of the lease into the secondary term. This extension is needed to continue using the minerals for production needs.

The division order is an agreement between the person leasing the land and the person or company receiving the lease. It is an order that outlines the divisions of payments between the lessor and the lessee. It is a legal contract that includes the terms of the lease and the royalty percentages along with possible bonuses and delay rental agreements.

Mineral Rights in Ohio

Since the 19th century, the usage rights of minerals have been major topics throughout Ohio’s history. Next to Texas and Oklahoma, Ohio has seen some of the highest number of oil drilling projects. Ohio has a special geological landscape that has made oil and natural gas abundant in this area.

In certain regions of the world, there are lands flourishing with natural resources. Certain minerals of nature, such as gold, diamonds and oil, have always appealed to people more than other minerals. However, the use of these minerals is not always first come, first served. Sometimes, an oil and gas company has to work with a property owner to use their property for oil extraction. The use of mineral rights is necessary to maintain peace on Ohio lands and prevent conflicts between owners and companies.