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Exercise is widely regarded as one of the best remedies to prevent and cure a range of ailments. Exercise through sports is both fun and refreshing. For proper physical and mental health, exercising on a regular basis is recommended by doctors. But we lead such busy lives that it is hard to squeeze in even a couple of minutes everyday even for a stairmaster workout. If you fail to exercise regularly, you in fact lose one of the most effective anti ageing miracle cures that we have within our grasp. So, don t shy away from physical activity and instead build a routine that incorporates some form of exercise daily.

Here are a few simple exercises that can keep you healthy, fit and also keep ageing problems at bay. Take some time out of your everyday or weekend schedule to go for a brisk walk, stretch your overworked muscles and do some yogic exercises.



Walking is the simplest form of exercise that gives every part of your body a good workout. What is so great about this exercise is that unlike complex exercises, walking is suitable for people of all ages. Running on the other hand, may not be suitable for people with a heart condition or with arthritis trouble.

Walking 45 minutes, four to five times a week keeps your weight well under control. In addition, your blood circulation improves and you feel energized all day. Taking a brisk walk in the fresh morning air is more refreshing than your first cup of coffee filled with caffeine when you wake up. So don t be lazy, get up early in the morning and take a refreshing walk every day.


Reduce daily stress and tension with some simple stretching exercises. This helps your muscles loosen up so that your body no longer feels achy and worn out. For those who suffer from regular bouts of migraines from stress, stretching exercises are a boon. They relax your body and nervous system, making you feel better and breathe well. The elderly benefit from the increased flexibility that regular stretching brings to their aging body. Stretching releases stress from muscles and keep them toned. Stretching exercises are also very good for your back besides the legs and the arms.


Yoga and pilates are popular exercise disciplines, performed by people the world over. Yoga is a very effective ancient Indian exercising technique that has been in existence for thousands of years. Through slow, controlled movements and breathing techniques that relax the body and affect specific organs of the body, yoga exercises keep your body and mind healthy as you age. Yoga is not only great for your body, but also great for your mental health. Pilates is a body conditioning technique that builds strength, flexibility and enhances blood circulation. You can learn both exercising techniques from many easily accessible and trained instructors – but do make sure that your chosen trainer has some credible distinctions to be teaching these effective exercise techniques. A bad trainer may just suggest some exercise techniques and routines, which may cause harm or injury to your body.

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