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Angelo Everton

The top drive drilling system was developed in the early 1980s. Since then, the system has become the most preferred option for top line drilling operations. Basically, top drives are operated either by electric motors or hydraulic motors. The top drive has the capability to slide down and up from the derrick. With the introduction of the top drive motors, the time for pipe handling and pipe rotating has been significantly reduced. It also enhanced the safety of rig operations. That is why it was considered as the most significant invention that totally revolutionized the efficiency of oil production tools.

There is no doubt that top drive motors provided many benefits for the oil and gas industries. But despite these benefits, there are still many issues or problems surrounding hydraulic or electric motors top drives. Because of these problems, specifically in the gearbox maintenance department, the utility of conventional top drive is severely hampered. According to industry experts, as much as 40 percent of problems of most top drive systems are caused primarily by the breakdown of supporting equipments and gearbox. The biggest issue however is the reduction of RPM. The torque for RPM is often sacrificed which affects the overall performance and efficiency of drilling operations.


This is the reason why the industry is constantly seeking ways to improve oil production tools in order to overcome the weaknesses of older systems. By utilizing drilling rig tools with improved configurations, the efficiency of the operations can also improve. This means increasing productivity and profitability of the oil or gas wells. These are the reasons why Advantage Products Inc. developed the TorqDrive PC pump top drive motors. TorqDrive is the world s first magnet motor with variable speed capability and specifically engineered for PC pump top drives. It is far superior to older systems and one of the most efficient oil rig tools that can be implemented today. The design of API practically eliminates all inconveniences and problems associated with older configurations.

With the TorqDrive PC pump top drive motors, problems about the hydraulics, gearbox, and belt drives are no longer present. It can also prevent backspin without the need for mechanical break and hydraulic. The total weight of TorqDrive is another attractive advantage. This is one of the lightest oil production tools in the industry with a total weight of 660kg only. Such configuration is dramatically lighter than the conventional top drive systems. That is because the weights of the frame, sheaves, electric motors, and gearbox are not included in the API system.

The speed of the API top drive is highly variable and can range from 35 RPM to 450 RPM. Efficiency is more than 97 percent because the gears and drive belts are eliminated. In terms of safety, the TorqDrive tops other top drive systems. It uses a regenerative braking system that meets the requirements of industry regulations. So if you are looking for state of the art oil production tools, you will surely get better value from the products of API.

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