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Trying to get approved by a CPA network can be difficult, but mostly it’s due to not knowing how to fill out the application. Given below are a few tips that will make the whole process easier.

Make sure you’re very careful about making your CPA offers very clear. You cannot go anywhere without a plan. CPA managers want to know that you are only producing quality work and that you are able to get the traffic to your sites in order to promote your CPA offers. This plan of attack should always be included whenever you’re applying for any CPA network. No matter if you’re PPC marketing, video marketing or any other marketing, you need to make sure you have everything organized. For instance, if you’re going to use PPC marketing, you’ll want to let the manager know that your links will go to the merchant through a PPC click, so he or she shouldn’t worry about your site. It always pays to give as much detail as possible to the affiliate manager. Being vague won’t take you anywhere. When you talk with the affiliate manager, you must lay everything out on the line and be very specific about what you plan to do, especially when it comes to advertising CPA offers. Most people who try to get into CPA networks never accomplish that goal. Why, you ask? This is usually because the applicant is unable to show that the traffic amounts he admits to are factual. Regardless of how new you are to all of this, never admit to that with them – not good. Lacking in experience is probably the major reason for any application to be disapproved. When it comes to experience, when they ask, you can say something like you’ve been doing online marketing for some time around a year, etc. Give them a reference of all the other CPA networks that you’ve joined till now. It’s all about lowering risk as much as possible, and that is all it is – nothing personal to you. Over the years there have been some pretty nasty scams, so they’re just being careful. They’re just trying to get the warmest fuzzy about you as possible, so cooperate as much as possible.


You must pay strict attention to this technique. When you are filling out your application to the CPA network, you will see that there’s a box where they want you to add anything extra you’d like them to consider. If you want to know a good tip, it’s to use that box you’re given. Don’t just pass it up or not put anything in it. Also, if you are a publisher from somewhere besides the US and Canada, you’ll especially want to use this box as you might have a hard time getting your application approved. For instance, you can use this box to show off your online marketing skills to the affiliate manager. Always go into detail about what you’ve done with other marketing methods and really show off the successes you’ve had. All in all, it’s also great to mention that you have already had your application approved at other CPA networks.

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