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Nose is the most important organ and effective part to give one a beautiful look. So an attempt to repair it from its deformity is very natural and expected, especially after the introduction of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Structurally nose consists of bones and cartilages, skin with subcutaneous tissue and very thin sheets of muscles attached. The method of correcting and reconstructing the nose is called Rhinoplasty.

Now let me tell you what is Rhinoplasty or nose surgery?

The term Rhinoplasty owes its origin from the Greek word rhis means nose and plassein means to shape . So Rhinoplasty means nose to shape . Actually it is a plastic surgery method applied to correct and reconstruct the nose to make it aesthetically pleasant looking. Though it is a medical work, part of it includes art work. Actually it requires some aesthetic sense of analyzing the best possible nose for a particular face. In its range of repair works it includes correction of congenital defect, nasal trauma (blunt, penetrating, blast) and alteration of bone, cartilage and thinning the subcutaneous tissue (tissue just under the skin). Sometimes only the tip, dorsum of the nose or the alae (two soft bulges bordering nostril apertures) require alteration.


Best time to get it done and the basis of a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is best done after the growth is complete as in growing age gradual remodeling takes place. So, if done earlier, the changes may not be permanent. Many people even do not know about their defects of the nose. They have a notion that an upright and prominent nose is the epitome of beauty without thinking of the type of face. The face is looked up as whole structure and the nose should balance it. Nose of a man and a woman actually should have a different shape. Many women are very proud of their straight upright nose without being aware that she has a male nose on a female face and is actually looking odd. Many a times the nose is perfect, but only the chin should be altered a little in order to bring out the balance in a nose. Even an alteration in the dental arch may be all that is necessary. It is this analysis that is the basis of a Rhinoplasty.

Now this method is very common among all classes of women. In India it has gained much popularity among rich classes. Many celebs, modelers, actors and actresses have gone under the knife to get a perfect nose that can undoubtedly enhance their beauty. Most famous actress like Priyanka Chopra and Sridevi are perfect instance of it. Priyanka Chopra has gotten lip and nose surgery to beautify her look. Sridevi has had straight nose by the grace of Rhinoplasty

This trend of getting nose surgery among the celebs has helped the popularity of Rhinoplasty in India. Many people especially the women are now looking for Rhinoplasty in India. This has caused to the boom the Indian cosmetic industry. Consequently, many cosmetic clinics and hospitals have been established in major Indian cities. Kolkata being the city of palace and joy of India, it gets prior interest. Besides, Kolkata being the cheapest city in India many people gather here to get their cosmic surgery done at the very low cost. Kolkata has a good marketplace for plastic surgery like nose surgery, facelift surgery, Liposuction and many more. Though

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