The most common peripheral nerve problem in the United States of America is neuropathy due to diabetes, chemotherapy, heavy metal poisoning, and unknown causes. This neuropathy causes ulceration and amputations through the loss of sensation, as well as intense pain.

Decompression of nerves in the leg, ankle, and foot can relieve this problem in up to 80% of patients who also have a nerve entrapment at these anatomic locations. These procedures were pioneered at the Dellon Institutes. Other causes of peripheral nerve pain are related to joint problems, such as persistent pain after total knee replacement, or shoulder or ankle pain after reconstructive musculoskeletal surgeries. Partial joint denervated, pioneered at the Dellon Institutes, can relieve this pain in up to 90% of patients.

The Dellon Institutes for Peripheral Nerve Surgery® owe their name to A. Lee Dellon, M.D., PhD., an accomplished Plastic Surgeon as well as a Professor of Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland. He has received a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Hand Surgery and is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. He received a PhD from the University of Utrecht in Holland in 2007 for his extensive basic science and clinical work in diabetic neuropathy.


Dr. Dellon specializes in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy as well as other painful peripheral nerve disorders and has trained many surgeons worldwide in the procedures he has developed to relieve pain.

In order to make his procedures more available to people with peripheral nerve problems, Dr. Dellon has established medical practices worldwide in partnership with qualified physicians from prestigious medical institutions.

THE DELLON INSTITUTES FOR PERIPHERAL NERVE SURGERY® specializes in correcting difficult peripheral nerve problems. They also specialize in solutions for neuropathy pain, groin pain, joint pain and foot drop.


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