byAlma Abell

If you are just starting quilting for the first time, you are likely very excited about this wonderful undertaking. Quilting is a wonderful pastime that has many benefits. It offers stress relief and an outlet for creativity that is unmatched by any other hobby. In addition, you can take your quilts to fairs and sell them for a profit if you choose. With so many advantages it makes sense to pursue this satisfying pastime. However you will need to learn about what goes into quilting for beginners.

A – Assemble your materials

Before you can get started quilting, you will need to have all of the right tools and materials assembled. You can do this very easily by gathering the right tools and supplies ahead of time from your local quilting store. You can also place an online order with a store that specializes in quilting for beginners. They will have all of the tools you need.

B – Buy extra fabric

As a beginner you are likely to mess up – A lot. This is perfectly okay but it also means that you will need to invest in some extra fabric. As you purchase your first round of tools and supplies, you will want to stock up on some extra fabric as well. This will come in very handy as you navigate the ins and outs of quilting for beginners.

C – Cutting and construction

The key to a perfectly uniform quilt instead of a sloppy and lopsided one is in precision cutting. When it comes to precision cutting, you can do the best job by having the right tools on hand. Invest in high quality cutting tools so that you can have perfectly square edges. A rotary cutter will help you to make straight edges and you can even cut through two layers at a time.

After you have the basics of quilting for beginners down pat, you can enjoy making timeless quilts over and over again to share with those you love.

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