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Scrubs uniforms are the medical professions uniform of choice there can be a lot of reasons for that but the fact is that over the past ten years there has been an explosion of the amount of scrubs that you are sweeping on the floors of hospitals, nursing homes, private offices and other medical professions such as dentists, eye doctors and labs that service all of the above. There are many reasons why these might have gotten so popular but a few of them are: functionality, variety of design, ease of care and comfort. Between all of these you will quickly understand why they have gained so much popularity.

Lets first talk about functionality. The reason why scrubs uniforms are so functional is the way that they are made. In many cases these are some of the most functional things that you can wear. The tops come with pockets, easy over head or tie around middle fit as well as short or long sleeved depending on the weather or the temperature of the office you are in (some technicians are always in a cooler office.) The bottoms have many pockets as well as a great comfortable waist that can either be tie or simply elastic whichever your preference.


Next is variety of design. There is no limit to the availability of patterns, colors, designs and fashionability of scrubs uniforms. In fact, they have about as many variations as there are job types in the medical field. The multitudes of patterns make the employees stand out in their own way while still wearing a uniform. In some cases they will go for the cute, in some cases they will go for the abstract and in other cases they will go for the plain solid color. So whatever the personality there is probably a scrub that will fit the employee perfectly.

Scrubs are also easy to take care of. Because of the fabric they are made out of scrubs uniforms are easy to wash, quick to dry and easy to iron if you need to. Additionally if there are any ribs or tear they are relatively easy to sew up. They are easy to hem if they are too long and they can be rolled up if that is your preference. They are also fine to dry clean but there is usually no reason to do so. They are a very easy work outfit to take care of.

Of course none of the above would matter if they werent comfortable. If they were tight or tough to work in, it wouldnt matter if they had lots of pockets, great designs and were easy to care for, people still would not wear them. The fact that they are comfortable is the selling point for scrubs uniforms. This is the one thing that most people look for first. They want to make sure that during their day they feel as relaxed and at ease as they can. The scrub is perfect for this. Loose, comfortably light and easy to put on and take off they definitely pass the comfort test.

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