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Recently, the region is performing a reduction in steel production in the black humor. To complete surprise, “five” emission reduction task, the local government industry in this region, “the kill”, a mandatory limit of electrical storm was over flowing. Analysis, which will iron and steel, coal, diesel three industry supply and demand and prices have a direct impact, including iron and steel industry as a major energy consumer bear the brunt of the first rank. According to incomplete statistics, at present, limited to measures that may affect the power output of 25.7 million tons of domestic iron and steel around the country about one month crude steel production of 40%.

It is understood,copper powder ( FCu ) wholesaler, has begun to take more specific measures to limit power limited production provinces including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangxi,

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, Shanxi, Anhui and other provinces will also have continued to be energy saving action. Although Anping “national power rationing” by the National Development and Reform Commission called for the suspension, but not limited to electrical energy reduction efforts in Hebei Province.


Reporter learned yesterday, as the country’s iron and steel town, Hebei Province has many limitations in iron and steel enterprises, more than 30 steel mills cut the current efforts to achieve a 50% -70%, triggering a direct consequence of Hebei billet prices Within a few days up 300 yuan / ton. “Last Monday along the billet in Tangshan and Beijing and Tianjin areas first substantial increase in construction steel, and promote the country’s steel city of EADS were mixed, but then rising as fast, end-user could not be fully accepted, and because some businesses rush to cash in, first Wednesday market as a whole pullback. “an industry told reporters, because the crop be hit, the demand will be reduced ore, ore prices will fall, but commodity prices and difficult to support steel prices. Therefore, there is a big trend in steel market outlook uncertain.

The power cuts have affected most directly upstream of the coal demand. As the temperature dropped, the public demand for electricity will continue to fall into the traditional steam coal market demand for off-season began, and now coupled with an unprecedented degree of power over the mandatory limit, coal demand dropped significantly, prices have seen downward pressure. Zhuo record information statistics, as a national barometer of steam coal market Qinhuangdao Port, the calorific value thermal coal prices last week fell again 5 yuan / ton, down 7%. Shenhua this month, in a small reduction in the price of coal, Shenhua reduced by 10 yuan / ton, is 5500 calories Steam settlement price 710 yuan / ton; Steam Coal 5500 kcal settlement price 725 yuan / ton ,

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, down 15 yuan / ton.

Diesel, the energy of interest Wang said most of Tangshan Iron and Steel company to import iron ore raw materials, reduction in production capacity, reduce demand for raw materials situation, the terminal logistics and transport will also be affected, which is refinery business logistics Main diesel customers, sales of diesel can not be ignored. But at the same time, there are some companies Weile to maintain production by purchasing diesel generators, diesel Xiangfantisheng the power Yong Xu Qiu, Ling Xiao Fei siphoning off diesel, Xiangbishangshu Liangdahangye market is not obvious.

For example stormy power cut hit the limit of the policy, combined steel Net analyst, said Hu Yanping, one can not deny that the steel industry, energy saving and even the whole China, the necessity and importance of economic development, however, calmly and objectively look at the recent series of phenomena and changes in the industry found that there is an avalanche-type energy saving behavior, “the only Shuzi of” the tendency of some local governments to take energy saving means and methods are too simple and crude, and even can be said for the “standards” at all costs. In a sense, some of the current implementation of energy saving measures do not meet the original intention, and even contrary to the healthy development of steel and other industries.



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