The Truth behind Breast Implants & Cancer



Hundreds of women in the United States surgically boost the size of their breasts every day. This has resulted to a gain in popularity of breast augmentation procedures in cosmetic surgery in the country. Breast implants have made it possible for women to achieve breast sizes and shapes that they have always desired.

Breast enlargement surgery is aimed at increasing the volume of a woman s breasts so as to enlarge the size of the cup, balance the breast s shape and at the same time improve the self image of the woman. In addition, the surgery increases self- confidence as well. A lot of women are therefore seeking to have breast enlargement even if it means going for plastic surgery abroad.

Previous studies show that women with implants have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer as opposed to those women without them. Never the less, if the woman gets breast cancer, implants are well known to have an effect on the stage that she is diagnosed. This is because implants reduce the ability of breast lesion detection.


Breast augmentation often begins with the surgeon creating a pouch for the implants. The implants are inserted underneath the tissue of the breast or under the chest wall muscle. Before performing the operation, surgeons often consider factors such as the body s height and weight, width of the chest, the cleavage and nipples.

The incision normally is done in the crease of the breast, or the armpit or around the nipple. The methods employed help in keeping the scars hidden properly. Often the scars fade away with time and the appearance of the breast will seem just natural but much larger

There are a few things to consider if you are planning to have a plastic surgery abroad. To begin with, consult friends and family members who have gone for a cosmetic surgery abroad. More often word of mouth is an excellent way to acquire information. It s necessary to carry out a substantial research of the place you want to consider for the surgery. Talk to the staff members and read more about the surgery through the internet. Planning and doing a good research will guarantee an enjoyable and safe experience.

To be on the safe side, it s good to give a family member or a friend your contact information and the name of the surgeon and medical center that you are going to attend even if hope not to reveal your surgery procedures.

Normally, after implantation women may experience some breast implant problems such as formation of the capsule and breast hardening. More often, the breast augmentation problems experienced are usually surgically related. However, other problems may be because of the implant itself. In addition, breast augmentation hinders breast cancer detection. in Prague is a trusted name for all breast related treatments including cosmetic surgeries,

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