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Misunderstanding 1: home decoration to appear before the ceiling enough grades.

In fact, due to the current commercial housing story on as before, usually only 2.6-2.8 meters. In such a relatively small space, ceiling decoration, the visual will make people feel nervous, depressed, and then rise to a number of physiological effects such as dizziness, nausea.

Mistakes 2: rugged style will highlight the host personality. Some people decorated ceiling, the uneven shape will be designed, or the use of glass, mirrors and other materials, which brought to the usual difficulties of clean, make the ceiling into the filth, thus contaminating the indoor air environment, larger sand and dust more northern areas in particular.

Misunderstanding 3: color light source to create a good atmosphere. Many families will be installed on the ceiling of some colorful light bulbs. In fact, these strange feeling is not suitable for ordinary families, the abuse is also easy to make the room look impetuous, warm and harmonious mood destroyed. Home renovation unnecessary interior ceiling height of most families now 2.75 meters, and even some high-storey buildings is only 2.6 meters, ceiling to reduce the interior space, but it is generally agreed that home improvement does not mean no decoration on the ceiling good . Certainly, some home improvement done really well in the ceiling.


Through the ceiling decoration, not only to cover up the deficiencies left the building, and decorative ceiling again into a very strong artistic style pattern.

Some of the original four-room flat top surface of the ceiling, without primary and secondary beam to emerge. However, home decoration Shique go to war, try to turn around or 12, and filled with fluorescent or level within the band, full of energy-saving light bulbs around the edge, and even color daylight tube installed. This will make the room appear very strong business climate.

In fact, do the ceiling decoration, the light of an overcast edgewise or flat moldings and other decorative lines can play a role, and not have to use ceiling can handle. Over-decorated but also the psychological burden caused by visual. What conditions are suitable ceiling home renovation ceiling appropriate under what circumstances? The main principle is to make room the original beams and pipes can not see, another thing is to make room for a high degree of quite similar.

Top surface of the living room there are improper primary and secondary beam, in order to design ways to resolve, decoration. Sometimes the owners put into the balcony part of the Office, the Office will have a room with balcony ceiling beams, a simple approach is to hang out in the end beam can make people feel faded flat top beam, looks very smooth, you can solve curtain boxes hidden problems. In the bathroom, kitchen, under normal circumstances should be the ceiling, because these areas are generally pipeline and a small space plane. To pay attention to selecting materials to non-polluting, non-fibrous dust. After these places to use bright ceiling light, resulting in clean and hygienic brightly lit feel. Between the living room to dining under normal circumstances there will be beam. General than the living room dining area is small, consider doing ceiling decoration in the restaurant. If the restaurant is not necessarily a separate room to the ceiling.

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