Whether you run a local business or just want your home to look better, it is important to clean your windows from time to time. However, so many times, you end up with little marks or streaks in the glass, and this is extremely frustrating. In fact, it may look like you did not even clean the glass. Here are some tips for cleaning like you have the best streak-free window cleaner on the market.

The Right Tools


Do you have a window squeegee? If not, you should consider buying one. They come in very handy for auto and home glass cleaning. If you need to reach, to clean your windows, think about buying a squeegee with an extension handle. You also may want to check out window scrubbers and sponges.

The Right Cleaners

What kind of cleaning agent do you want to use? You could use an ammonia or chemical-based product, but the best streak-free window cleaner is non-toxic and does not emit fumes. This makes your job easier because you do not have to breathe dangerous fumes. You do not need to wear rubber gloves and take special precautions.

The Right Method

For home or business windows, most experts recommend starting indoors. If you wish to use vinegar cleaners or detergent, you should scrub the windows first with the cleaner. Wipe with a wet cloth and then use the squeegee. This can give you clean windows, but there is an easier method.

Effective Cleaners

You can find some concentrated cleaners on the market today. In fact, the best streak-free window cleaner is eco-friendly, and you do not have to use a lot of cleaning tools or supplies. Simply spray on the cleaner and wipe it off with a lint-free cloth. This gives you exceptionally clean glass with very little effort.