byAlma Abell

In the efforts of keeping your home or business cool you will probably employ a large air conditioning system. The size of these unit will depend on the amount of space to be treated. For instance the average home will need an Air Conditioning Installation in about the two ton range although large home may use higher systems such as five ton units. The size of the system is crucial because an A/C that is too small will struggle to keep the home cool and will waste more energy in the long run. Likewise, it will wear itself out much quicker than a properly sized system would.

For experienced technicians an Air Conditioning Installation in Colorado Springs is a simple process that has several aspects. They typically begin with installing the interior cabinet where the blower motor and air exchange are and then the external cabinet that houses the condenser motor and cooling fan. The external portion of the system is generally set on a concrete pad or several concrete blocks about four inches high. This keeps the metal cabinet off the ground which helps to avoid corrosion. This portion of the A/C is usually connected to a high voltage junction box on a unique circuit in the electrical system.

The inner cabinet in an Air Conditioning Installation Colorado Springs is generally located in an attic or basement for easy access to the ventilation system. In the case of a new install these areas are perfect because the give ready access to the various rooms where the vents will be placed. This portion of the air conditioning system will also require a unique circuit in the breaker box because it uses a two hundred and twenty volt power supply. Depending on the electrical wiring in your building these two breakers may be in separate boxes.

While it is possible that the average handyman can handle certain portions of an air conditioning install there will be some aspects that require a specialist. For example, state and federal requirements for handling refrigerants specify that only licensed individuals can charge the coolant in an air conditioner. Plus, most installations will require an inspection to ensure the components are properly installed. Most importantly, you need a contractor such as Parkey’s Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning to ensure the installation does not void any warranties.