byAlma Abell

When the water heater in your home is not working properly, it quickly becomes a problem. Most people depend on having heated water for many of their daily tasks. Without this, tasks may be completed, but they may not be done as well as necessary. Because cleanliness is important to the health of all those living in the home, it is important to contact a Plumber Forest Park to deal with the issue.


Many times, a water heater will not be working because of something very simple, such as the unit not receiving power, water, or gas. A Plumber Forest Park will generally check these elements first. This way he or she can be certain nothing was overlooked.

The plumber will next look at the heating unit of the water heater. Gas units have a burner, while electrical units use heating elements. If the components for either of these systems are faulty, the water will not be heated. A Plumber Forest Park will generally check the pilot, pilot control valve, and thermocouple on the burner of a gas unit or the heating elements on an electrical unit. If there are any issues, the components will need to be replaced. Browse website for more information.

Sometimes, the water heater may not be heating the water due to a buildup of sediment in the tank of the system. Sediment or mineral deposits are a normal byproduct of the water coming into the unit. However, if too much sediment is present in the water, it will settle at the base of the tank. This blocks the transfer of heat and will need to be removed. A plumber will verify this is the problem by attaching a hose to the drain relief valve. The water will be allowed to drain out of the tank. If there is sediment present, the tank will need to be flushed.

Flushing the water heater is done by draining all the water from the unit. The water is then switched on to the unit and left running with the drain relief valve open. Water is allowed to move through the tank and push the sediment out the drain. This process is done until the water runs clear. Often, this will resolve the water heater’s issues.When you water heater is not working properly, you will need to contact a plumber for help in resolving the matter. For more information, please contact Hammond Services Forest Park.