Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Wellington, New Zealand airport has denied supporters of New Zealand’s National party to use its land for its newest billboard advertising. The advertisement was denied for being too politically sensitive.

Bill English, National member, said: “Vicious attacks on critics by Helen Clark and her Labour-led Government have led to Wellington Airport turning down a National Party billboard as it was too politically sensitive.”

However the sign has been put up in Auckland, State Highway 20 and on Christchurch’s Main North Road.

“The billboards are being paid for from party funds and highlight the scandals and controversies that have surrounded Helen Clark during her time as Prime Minister. The airport company has every right to decide who advertises on airport property, but last year Wellington Airport accepted billboards critical of the Government,” English said.

The billboard states on it: “painter-gate, corn-gate, doone-gate, speed-gate, pledge-gate and (next to an arrow) departure gate,” all these words were accompanied by a picture of Helen Clark, PM, which slowly decreased in size. And then, at the bottom next to the National logo, it said: “Proudly paid for by supporters of the National Party – with their own money.”

Wellington Airport will not comment on why they declined the billboard on its property. Louise Murray, a spokesman for the airport, said: “The airport reserves the right to decline any advertising.” Murray made no comment on how the decisions are made or why this particular billboard was rejected.

“However, Wellington Airport, like everyone else, saw Helen Clark’s assault on the Auditor-General

The billboard in question

and Labour’s plans to legislate to stop people who don’t belong to political parties criticizing the Government next election. These actions have created a climate of fear and more so for a company doing business with Government-owned Air New Zealand,” English said.

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