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As we all know that the world in which we live is all based on technology. This technology has made our life easy, fast and destructive. When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and ways of life die out. It is pointless to try and to keep them alive.

Along with this, a technology named GPS has just arrived to our life which has made our travel safer. The Navigation system Professional gives the driver a 3D design combined with an innovative display concept and numerous functions for navigation, office and multimedia for maximum comfort and information and route to our destination very easily. Like the GPS system in autoradio BMW 5 avant 1999 avec ecran tactile & fonction bluetooth ,TV,SD, AUSB,GPS is a beautiful product use to locate the way of your destination and it has tactile & function Bluetooth ,TV,SD,USB,GPS.

If we want to describe this product its description gives us the shocking happiness as it contains too many features which provide comfort to our life, Such as it has DVD/GPS/VCD/CD/MP3/JPEG functions. This is nothing but along with this it has 6.2 inches LCD, unique 3D flash graphical user interface with zooming capacity. It can also be used as T.V, radio, FM etc. which are the features through which the people get attracted towards it.


The High Guiding Function makes navigating in the city comfortable and link road layouts more understandable and reachable. Depending on the equipment installed for the navigation information is clearly displayed on the multifunctional instrument display, on the central Control Display or on the BMW Head-Up Display.

It is an awesome and useful gadget for our car which directly means for our life. It is the intelligent system that keeps the driver and the car connected to outside the world. Add the optional mobile preparation with Bluetooth interface and the Autoradio BMW 5 avant 1999 avec ecran tactile & fonction bluetooth ,TV,SD,USB,GPS becomes a mobile office enabling communication by sending email and SMS, appointment coordination and to do lists. The entire required index we can have on the display screen.

If you want to enjoy the comforts explained above you have to use this in your vehicle use this product you will really feel lucky to have this. Moreover its not so costly it only cost for 320.00. Its net weight is 3.5 keg. Server DVD type is MTK. Mobile Office permits two telephones to be connected to the vehicle. Contact details from both telephones are transferred to a joint contact list for phone calls and e mail. In this gadget professional system makes navigation much easier and different functions complement each other.

So if you want a latest technological driving experience you really have to use this. I have explained all the advantages of this awesome gadget, now its your turn to make your life techno full by using the GPS system which will not only make your journey safer but also entertain you during your journey.

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