Medical practices are made up of all kinds of doctors that practice many different types of medicine. Choosing one that meets your particular needs is not always an easy task. Physicians vary in their experience, their philosophies, their specialties and their bedside manner. You would not see an obstetrician for a broken leg, nor would you see a podiatrist about your cataracts. So how can you differentiate between them when choosing a plastic surgeon?One thing you must realize is that a plastic surgeon has completed medical school and the necessary requirements to earn his doctorate. Additionally, he has completed specialized training in the field of cosmetic surgery where he learned philosophies and techniques that are centered on his particular field. Every doctor must complete this rigorous training in order to be eligible to be certified and licensed to practice medicine.That being said, not every plastic surgeon has the same ability as his peers. Some are considered to be better than others. Some are showered with accolades while others find themselves shunned and criticized. Some have talent, others do not.To find a plastic surgeon that has a good track record and satisfied patients, you will need to do a little research and keep an open mind. Sometimes a disgruntled patient just has an axe to grind, and other times he has a legitimate complaint or concern. You will have to be discerning when gathering information.You will want to check to make sure the plastic surgeon is a board certified physician. Then, you want to ask around about his reputation. Do quick online searches, poll your friends and family members, and contact former customers. Keep in mind that one negative review should not necessarily affect your decision, but a pattern of unhappy patients is a red flag to be heeded.Another way to gauge a physician and whether or not they are a fit for you is to request a consultation. Most will offer a free initial visit. This is an excellent time to evaluate bedside manner, personality and your general comfort level. There are many, many physicians out there, so do not be discouraged if you do not feel comfortable with one that you interview. Chances are good that you will find the right fit if you do not give up.Another factor to consider is cost. Since cosmetic surgery is typically not covered by insurance, practices are free to set their own fees for service. You may find that one business charges a much higher fee than another for the same procedure. You should not necessarily base your decision on cost, but you should at least allow it to factor into the equation.Choosing a doctor is an important step along the journey to a new, better you. Choose well.