A property management company is a third party in the landlord/tenant relationship dynamic. They’re often hired to handle the day to day routine of real estate investments. But what does that entail, exactly? If you’re a landlord looking for a property management company in Salinas CA, you may be wondering what services this company is going to provide. Will you be sharing any responsibilities, or will your work be separate? The answers to this are as follows.


#1. Handling tenantsTaking care of tenants and seeing to their problems is tricky business. At worst, you can come off as someone telling someone else who is paying you to live on your land how to live their lives. Obviously, not an image anyone with a degree of niceness to their character wants to invoke. However, a property manager knows exactly how to handle tenants. The services they provide for tenants include taking over screenings so they can discern whether they should be allowed on the property in the first place, marketing the property in all the right places to make sure the tenants bite in the first place, and handling any complaints the tenants might have.

#2. MaintenanceProperty managers take up all responsibility for the property’s physical condition. This is good because not every landlord is also a handyman, and property managers have access to more resources to fix any problem the house may face. This includes broken machinery, electrical issues, exterminations, and any and all preventative measures towards all of the above.

#3. RepairsA property manager’s duty is to also repair any damage to the structure or household, or hire someone to do it if they are unable to. Any worthwhile property management company has a large web of contacts, from plumbers, to engineers, and carpenters among many others.

#4. SupervisingAny landlord loves having an extra set of eyes watching the property, and property managers are experts at it. They take over keeping an eye on the tenants and other employees when the landlord is busy or otherwise indisposed. They also oversee any other vacant properties the landlord assigns them to, to make sure they’re kept in top condition until they’re filled.

If you’re an overworked landlord who can’t be in three places at once, a property manager is a dream come true for you. They’re specialists in aspects of owning land that you may not be, and can do the jobs that you may not have time for. So don’t wait another minute, look up your nearest property management office and work something out.