If you need a new grill, then why would you pay money for a Webber kettle grill. The are not the most lightest of grills, and you just cant put it into the trunk of your car without dismantling it. They are not the cheapest, in fact they are a little pricey. They are also what I would call ugly looking in stature. But all that doesnt matter, because do you know what? I would get one tomorrow!Now I know that my opinion doesnt count for much, but I think that the Webber kettle grill is the best thing since sliced bread, and I am going to enlighten you as to why!You see, I run a small outside catering business in Spain, where I now live and as you can imagine we tend to get quite long summers, so as you can imagine the barbecue season is pretty long. So we get to cook quite a lot of barbecues for clients. Having cooked on a fair amount of grills, the one that really stands out is the Webber kettle grill.Weber are the pioneers of kettle grills and have been making them since 1951 when the original kettle grill was invented. To look at they havent really changed that much in over half a century, but the technology has.They now come equipped with stay cool handles made from water resistant therrmoplastic, easy clean ash trays, and even built in thermometers. They are manufactured from heavy duty treated aluminium so they will not rust, and are built to be used every day.Gone are the days when a barbecue was solely for weekend use grilling a few burgers and sausages. In fact the Webber kettle brings a whole new cooking experience to the fore. It uses what is known as an indirect cooking system. The coals are placed on the sides of the grill whilst the food is placed on the upper grill between the two fires. This means that no fire actually touches the food, and when the lid is down it creates a natural convection. A great advantage of this system means that you never have to turn the meat. So as a chef, cooking on one of these is an absolute joy! It means that I can get on with other stuff whilst the meat is cooking.Another thing to point out about the Webber kettle, is that the grilling surface on these babies is vast. They come in different sizes right up to the ranch kettle, which just happens to be the largest manufactured barbecue kettle in the world! Its big enough to cook a whole lamb, and will finish the job in just 2 hours! What about that for efficiency!In terms of price… Well yes they are a bit pricey, but then again. so is a Rolls Royce! You see you get what you pay for. So if you want something to grill a few burgers and the odd pork chop, when the mother- in- law comes around, then please dont buy this Grill.