Would you like to live up to 100 years old?


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Would it be fun to become a Centenarian?

The day of my 100 year old anniversary, I probably will run out of wishes for my future which will be, as we would, say not too promising. But I’ll have to get used the idea. There are over 1000 Centenarian in the province of Quebec alone. In twenty years, this lucky clicks could triple! Especially… If all the boomers start to diet, practice yoga and take Viagra, this number may still increase. Diets, yoga and Viagra are the kind of stuff that tend to keep us living longer.

But ageing! Just to think about ageing gives me goose pimples.. What if you woke up one good morning looking 30 years older with wrinkles suddenly tattooed all over your face, you would move away from your mirror screening and go back to sleep as fast as possible… maybe fore ever!

It reminds me of the curious story of a handsome actor, in his early thirties. One day his wife leaves him, which left him demolished. And like all men whose hearts are broken, he ends up doing something stupid: he shaves his head! Months later, it regrew, but this time his hair were not brown, but white! He was in shock and thought he was having an hallucination! For his agent his cast as an actor had changed radically: he had aged.


Thank goodness, like good wine, we usually age slowly and smoothly. Each day we crosses is leaving traced on our body, initially invisible and indelibly. Every smile adds a little more wrinkles and every torment accentuates them. Each step we take leads us farther into our lives, from year to year and from decade to decade. Its the perfect machine. That’s life, always temporary, which carries us ineluctably towards our final destiny, death.

Older people are always saying to young people: enjoy your life, life goes fast! But young people occupied in gobbling existence, are not listening. Their beauty is so dazzling it can not be but eternal. Their strengths are so great that it cannot diminish. And yet, almost imperceptibly, everything is already starting to fall apart.

If life is gradually retaking the perfection it has given us, it does it at least with compassion. It gives us time to get used to these increasingly ungrateful reflections in our mirrors. And it protects us better and better against a society which has always been nourished with the blood of the youth.

As we age, everything would not be lost!

On the contrary. While blowing his 60 candles, a wise man told me (You know I used to love being strong and good looking. I never imagined I would one day become a 60 years old man! But oddly today, I would not go back in time. In this sense, life is well done, you’ll see.)

A comforting thought is, the (older) you live the longer you can stay (young). Watch people around their forties today, they do not look like the old grand fathers of yesterday. Many are on the top of their careers. They are relatively fit, they are realizing their dreams, they are making money. And are even spending several sleepless nights rocking an unexpected new born! They often say (Life just begins at 40)

Still, for a 20 to 40 year old, people of 60 represents the beginning of the end with their flabby upper arms, their wrinkles, their protruding bellies, their white hairs or bald heads. At 40 years, we find that the 60 years have a lot of millage in their carcasses… But no matter our age, we are always the young one or the old one to a certain somebody else.

But there is a justice: everyone regardless of age is getting older and they will all end up with as some say! the face they actually deserves. Not a big consolation for me when I see my own reflection in the mirror. (Mirror mirror on the wall who is the ugliest of them all? Flagrant answer from the mirror! You are! God help me if I live over 100!) Quebec is particularly ageing fast. Already, one Quebecker on seven is over 65 years. And the ageing of baby boomers is barely starting.

The province of Quebec will soon be predominantly habitat-ed by gray heads and old worn bodies. As we can not alter and improve the whole setting with Photo-shop, we should begin to love ourselves and find ourselves good looking as we are, with all our faults. Because firstly, we are still not robots and that secondly living up to 100 years, while we do not particularly love ourselves can be boring … for a long long time.

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Would you like to live up to 100 years old?