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Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, modern

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is practically as straightforward as counting one-to-five. But it wasn\’t basic back in the 16th century, as discussed by an unusual handbook about jobs. Although rhinoplasty was as old as the Roman Republic, 16th century jobs at the time were nasty treatments, to state the least, but they were as close as one can get then to quality surgical treatment.


Guide in question is De Curtorum Chirurgia per Insitionem, which is Latin for \”The Surgery of Defects by Implantations.\” It was composed by Gaspare Tagliacozzi of the University of Bologna where he is a teacher of surgery and anatomy. Europe was in the middle of cultural modifications and wars were being waged across the continent. The role of guide was to serve as a guide for cosmetic surgeons to repair faces wounded in battle.

Guide was an interesting discovery throughout an auction and was sold for EUR11,000 ($14,551) fittingly to a cosmetic surgeon. It included diagrams about exactly how rhinoplasty was done at the time, such as one where the nose was connected utilizing skin from the person\’s upper arm. This involved using a special kind of brace to keep the arm near to the nose.

According to guide, the patient stayed that way for a minimum of 5 weeks: three weeks for the skin flap to affixed to the nose and another two weeks to form it. In today\’s criteria, it was reasonably unorthodox, but rhinoplasty at the time didn\’t have any digital systems to make use of. They had to make do with the resources they had.

The book was a rare discover; probably one left of its kind. Guide was a forgotten relic. After Tagliacozzi\’s death in 1599, two years after guide was released, it was mostly forgotten, possibly because of strong displeasure from the Church. Today, Tagliacozzi\’s method is commonly known today as the Italian approach of rhinoplasty. Guide in general served as one of many references for modern specialists.

For additional information and sample pictures of the uncommon book, you can read the short article at the Daily Mail online at DailyMail.co.uk. For a concept on modern-day rhinoplasty, you can ask a cosmetic surgeon who might also provide

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