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When people wear their fragrances, they are usually looking to express their dominating mood. Moods are only temporary and expressing it through your scent can send a mixed message about your own personality. First impressions matter more than anything in this world and a pleasant fragrance can open up life opportunities that you have never even dreamed of. Your eau de toilette is something reflective of your personality so make sure you find something original and innovative.

The Floral Personality

These bottled scents are perhaps the most popular among women- just a single whiff and you will understand why. A floral scent is best for women who love attention, playful, flirty and vivacious. But you have this pretty little secret of you being hopeless romantic. If you choose floral fragrances, then you are unarguably the girly girly and not afraid to showcase it. Bold floral blooms such as peonies, orchid, freesia or roses take a starred role. These notes can also be blended together along with other flowery notes for a myriad of creative scent combinations. But this isnt just your grandmothers floral scent. Todays floral scents are as warm, bright and lively as the contemporary women who wear them. Fruity florals have also made it big in the fragrance industry these days. Alluring floral notes are usually layered with juicy apricots, sweet lychee, blushing plums and ripe berries. Some of the most popular fruity floral cents include the Juicy Couture Couture,Ralph Lauren Wild and the Armani Code Pour Femme.

The Fresh Personality

If you think you have that fresh and revitalizing personality, then the green, citrus and water scents could be right for you. The woman with a fresh personality is someone who looks cool effortlessly. She is somehow the laidback, low profile but fun loving lass who is up for anything. These scents are great for sporty women with that quirky sense of humor and for women who want to live to the fullest. Citrus fragrances usually explore with zeal of mandarin, grapefruit and juicy lemon. Citrus scents are famous for being clean and light but todays citrus brands are beginning to reinvent themselves as the brand new seductive scent with spicy and subtle woody notes. Green fragrances are often crisp and sporty with notes coming from marine plants and tea leaves. Some of todays fresh picks include the DKNY Be Delicious, the Dolce Gabbana 1 Le Bateleur and Issey Miyakes Leau DIssey.

The Oriental Personality

If you happen to belong to one of the few femme fatales with that Oriental perfume personality, then it would be nice to play it up with a rich exotic fragrance. Oriental personalities are bold, sophisticated and in control of things. You can get mysterious and you dont open up yourself to people quickly. If you are passionate dreamer, then Oriental fragrances could be right for you. Oriental scents are usually sensual, warm and opulent- ancient spices such as nutmeg, clove and cinnamon and gleaming amber notes. Among the top irresistible Oriental scents include the RL Hot, Dior Midnight Poison and Calvin Klein Euphoria.

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