Submitted by: Dr Andrew Kim

Sometimes we go into or move away from something without really any valid reasons why. We immediately believe on what we hear, without any proven fact to support it. This is why I deemed it fit to debunk any myths that are going around about hair transplant to give those who need the information a better and a more objective view.

Myth: You need to find a hair donor for a hair transplant.

Fact: There is no need to find a hair donor for a hair transplant because the surgeon will use your own hair which is usually taken from the back of your scalp. An FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) may be used under anesthesia to remove either a strip of your scalp or individual hair follicles.

Myth: You can have a hair transplant done multiple times.

Fact: It is ideal that a hair transplant be done only once because you don t have the luxury of hair grafts to fill up your balding spot. A repeat procedure may be done, should you need some improvements, but you can never have too many transplants because you just might end up depleting the once abundant pack of hair at the back of your head. So if you want to get the best out of your first procedure, make sure that you find a good surgeon.


Myth: Hair transplants can be quite obvious.

Fact: That statement may have some truth to it. A hair transplant will only be made obvious if you choose a surgeon who is inexperienced. A work that has poor quality will result to hairs that are poorly arranged, placed in the wrong direction, poor hairline, and something resembling a doll s hair.

Myth: A hair transplant is a painful procedure.

Fact: Although it may involve needles, scalpels and incisions, the procedure itself is not painful because you will be under anesthesia. The introduction of anesthesia may be uncomfortable but the instance that it takes effect, you will go through the procedure with ease and comfort.

Myth: Anyone who has problems with hair loss can benefit from this procedure.

Fact: You need to pass as a good candidate for a hair transplant before a surgeon actually proceeds with the procedure. If you are younger, you may be advised to wait it out a couple of years because there is a possibility that hair loss might still progress. One must also be generally healthy and free from any vices (alcohol and smoking).

Myth: Only a few can have a hair transplant done because this procedure can be expensive.

Fact: Anyone qualified for a hair transplant can enjoy its benefits because hair restoration clinics are already offering financial advising to its customers. They can give you payment options that will make it easy on your budget.

Myth: Only the hairs on your head are the viable grafts for transplant.

Fact: Body hairs can also be used as good hair grafts for transplant. Hairs from the chest and back can be used because once they are implanted to the balding site they adapt to the characteristic of the surrounding hairs.

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