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It is that time of the year again when students graduate and choose the courses suitable for the careers they have planned for themselves. For those who want to make it big in the fashion industry, it is time to select the best from a number of fashion designing institutes spread across Delhi. How to do that is discussed below.

The capital city of India, New Delhi, is often called the fashion capital too; thanks to the number of designers and fashion industry majors operating from the city! There are also many fashion designing institutes functioning in the city and it can be a tough decision for the students to choose an institute from among them. The choice of the right institute is even more critical for students wanting to enroll into post graduate courses. This is because what one learns and trains for at the post graduate level has a huge impact on the career and professional life. A postgraduate degree from a recognised institution will open up better avenues for fashion students.

The fashion industry sees fierce competition among the new entrants for the best jobs and employers give an advantage to those who have the right knowledge and have been given the best training. The fashion industry is worth billions of dollars annually, and your career in fashion can be a highly rewarding one if you choose and successfully identify the right degree program and the institute.


To begin with, while choosing a fashion school, prospective post graduate students must be clear about their focus area within the fashion industry. Do you want to be on the creative lines and study advance course encompassing the intricacies of fashion designing? Or do you want to use your business sense and interpersonal skills with your creative skills and become a fashion merchandiser? Choose your calling before you set out to pick the suitable institutes to apply in.

You must choose a fashion institute which has a rich history and background. As future fashion students you must look at the experience of the institute in the field of learning or the standing of the institute s brand name in the fashion industry. So, you must find the answers to these questions: Have they been teaching fashion for a few years or have they been doing this since decades? Also ask this- is their parent company an obscure name in the fashion industry or is it a respected and reliable brand globally?

Once you are satisfied with the institute s reputation, take a close look at their staff. Who teaches fashion? Are they experts in the fashion industry? Do the teachers have practical experience in the real world too? Opt for an institute which has expert fashion professionals on their faculty. The next step is to look at their alumni. How many pass outs have made it big? Have they made a decent career for themselves? Are there any names from the institute among those working in some of the world’s top fashion houses? This will also give you an idea whether you will have a shot a good internships arranged by the institute in partnership with large fashion companies, or not.

Take a look at the quality of the school’s studios and work stations to see if they are technologically advanced or not. Most importantly, look at the courses being offered- their content and elements. From among all the fashion design institutes in Delhi choose the one which offers the most comprehensive and globally competitive courses.

The writer is associated with Triburg Center for Learning which is the education and training wing of Triburg. The institute has fast emerged as the leading fashion designing institute that provides education and training to all levels of professionals in the fashion industry.

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